We believe in the positive evolution of the FM industry, in leading change and bringing others with us we believe it enough to invest in thought leadership and quality journalism on FM and related topics, and to bring that to the industry for free

Who we are

Perform is a new publication, produced by Cloudfm. Trusted by some of the most successful brands in the UK, Cloudfm offers the most advanced solution in facilities management.

Why we care

Facilities management represents 8% of the UK economy, and shapes the everyday experience of both consumers and workers. It matters – to everyone.

Perform magazine exists to help drive the FM industry forwards. It provides a platform for the most original thinking in and about facilities management, and values opinions from a variety of thinkers and experts, with the belief that an interdisciplinary approach is the key to valuable fresh insight.

We are committed to providing our readership of industry insiders, supply chain partners and client organisations with editorial of the highest quality, engagingly written by professional journalists and business people who are experts in their field.

Perform magazine welcomes contributions from leaders in facilities management, finance, risk and other business areas. If you have an idea that you would like to be featured in Perform, then please get in touch with our editorial team

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